Our heavy duty vibrating motors have a low noise level, yet maintain the highest force to motor weight ratio. These dust tight motors contain long life bearings and provide 0-100% force adjustment capability. BPS motors also include a terminal junction box and cable and are assembled with compression type Belleville locking washers to prevent loosening over time by the vibrator.

Single Phase 3600 RPM (115V)

2-Pole 3600 RPM (230/460V)

4-Pole 1800 RPM (230/460V)

6-Pole 1200 RPM (230/460V)

8-Pole 900 RPM (230/460V)

Our industrial vibrating motors are made with heavy duty construction that guarantees a long-life cycle and quality performance. The motors have uniquely designed parts including ductile iron casting, steel end covers, and high alloy fasteners. BPS designs have the highest force to motor weight ratio in the industry while also providing low noise output (measured 55 db(A) within 5 feet from the motor).

The rotary electric vibrators have a simple mechanism where vibrating force is produced by rotating unbalanced weighs connected to both ends of an induction motor shaft. The long-life bearings ensure peak, long-term performance. B-10 bearings are known in the industry for its unsurpassed life expectancy.

0% to 100% force adjustment is available on all but the smallest vibratory model motors. Competitor’s units offer models with a limited “continuous duty” force settings. All SEE and KEE models are rated for continuous duty at maximum force.

Design Features:

  • 53 different models
  • Frequency ranges: 900, 1200, 1800 and 3600 rpm
  • Horsepower ranges: 1/50 to 17-1/2 hp
  • Force Output: 30 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.
  • Can be mounted both horizontally or vertically
  • Dust tight and splash proof design
  • Explosion proof options available for hazardous environment implementations

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