Heavy Duty Vibratory Screener for Fertilizer Operation

BPS fabricated a super heavy-duty, twin motor screener feeder (TMS) for a southern-based fertilizer manufacturer. The unit shown is four feet wide by eight feet in length with dual, top-mounted rotary electric vibrators. This screener feeder is designed to scalp phosphate rock at a rate of 150 TPH, while removing agglomerates, foreign matter, and producing less than 2{9f8581a38af98954583d90dc1a0dfdcaaacbeeeffce65f9ece4e119db50cd58d} overs. The slope of the discharge funnel and support structure were specially designed to accommodate the customer’s existing collection type, troughing belt conveyor.

The TMS also features abrasion-resistant liners bolted inside the discharge funnel, four marshmallow mounts for vibration isolation, inlet cover with rubber draw latches for easy screen deck inspection, and a finish coating of silicon alkyd heat-resistant paint.

BPS offers a full line of standard as well as custom engineered screening units for industry

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