Custom Bulk Bag Loaders in Ohio

BPS manufactured several dedicated bulk bag loading and unloading stations for a plastics recycler based in Ohio. The systems were designed to load, and unload recycled, reground, chopped and shredded plastic products in bulk bags and bulk boxes. The custom manufactured components included (3) Model BBU bulk bag unloaders with vibratory agitation, (2) bulk bag loaders (shown above as installed in the customer’s plant), and (1) bulk box loader.

After competitive testing, the BBUs proved to be the only unloaders capable of effectively unloading the large interlocking shreds of plastic. These stations provided an immediate return on the customer’s investment. With equipment operating at capacity, the vibratory densifier delivered as much as 15% more product into the reshippable bulk boxes. As a result, immediate cost savings were achieved by reducing container consumption and freight costs.

Furthermore, the BPS unload and 2,000-pound bulk box packout system was designed to interface with the customer’s air conveying, process, and transport system, incorporating air receivers and grate magnets above the loadout areas. The turnkey system included all the structural frames for the cyclone air receivers, platforms, stairways and walkways.

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