50 lb. Bag Dump Station for Product Unloading

Our 50 lb. Bag Dump Station (BDS) is designed for efficient product unloading that minimizes mess and ensures that all your material is captured and safely processed all in a tightly dust-controlled environment.

A unique screening system prevents foreign material or oversized matter from entering the processing system. As a result, you will have a cleaner, higher-quality, and better-sorted product.

Bagged material is emptied through an upward facing, gas-filled cylinder that splits the bags and feeds the material into the 50 lb. bag dump station. An advanced air cylinder will then vibrate the product and clean the bags, delivering them into the bottom flow hopper.

Advantages of using our 50 lb. bag dump station include:

  • Minimizes the need for clean-up by capturing excess dust.
  • Reduces costly material loss.
  • Improves facility safety and efficiency by eliminating a dusty environment.
  • Can be further customized to fit into existing bulk processing equipment flows.

Designed for Ease of Use

With an operator-friendly design, our 50 lb. bag dump is guaranteed to simplify your bulk processing flow. We use only the highest quality of parts to help reduce the need for frequent maintenance that is commonly associated with low-quality dump stations.

For more information on the purchase of a 50 lb. bag dump station or to get a quote, please contact us.

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