Loss-of-Weight Vibratory Feeder Improves Productivity

Recently, BPS manufactured a loss-of-weight vibratory feeder designed to feed batches of plastic reclaim scrap back into the product line. The batches typically ranged from 100 to 700 pounds. Upon signal from the customer’s PLC, the feeder automatically started and fed the batch to their floor covering reprocess line. A low-level light displayed the need for a hopper refill. The pause/refill operator button allowed the weight signal to be retained during the refill process.

BPS offers a full line of “low,” loss of-weight feeders with storage hoppers. The unit shown here features a 60 cubic foot storage hopper with rack and pinion product level control gate and vibratory feeder with variable fast and dribble controller. The load cells are tank type provided in a heavy duty self-aligning design.

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